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Job Description

Sales / CS

Sales Management Analyzes market and sales data to establish and implement sales and strategies for Mid and Long-term, understanding the needs of customers and carrying out tasks such as market research and sales management.
CS Satisfies customers by meeting customer requirements for products, which helps smooth business progress and improve sales performance.
Delivery Management Responsible for the 'transport logistics’ and mainly focuses on the product quality.


Electronic Design Design and optimize Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and Board Sets using technologies of digital / analog / RF design.
Tool Design Carries out tasks to make shapes of tools that are appropriate for the function and performance. Also performs tasks related to tools / heat / fluid / packaging / waterproof / dustproof / mold
Electronic Analysis Analyzes the overall power / signal integrity for electrical transmission of PCB / Circuit / 3D structures.

Quality / Manufacturing

Purchase Supplies quality and competitive parts on time, Purchases materials such as electrical products/tools.
Quality Manages the process of inspecting products for every step of development to prevent any issues with the quality of the mass product. Also carries out tasks such as standard certification, quality inspection for parts.
/ Repair
Production and production management, operation of manufacturing facility and repair.
Also carries out product production, repair and product quality management

Management Support

Planning Analyzes internal / external market for company's business, establishes business strategy for mid and long term, Plans and promotes business.
Accounting / General affairs General Account, Closing Accounts, Financial accounting related to Tax Accounting, Budgeting and Investment management, Cost Allocation, Managerial Accounting for goals and performance management, Fund Planning and Management, Fund Management related to foreign exchange
Human Resources Appropriate employee management based on employment/ training / welfare / labor tasks stabilizes and organizes labor and management